Thursday, October 11, 2012

You'll have to pardon me . . .

100_0507 by constantiak
100_0507, a photo by constantiak on Flickr.
. . . but squee!

I had donated this piece for the Knowne World Auction (that took place at Pennsic this year, and I got the results of how much this collar raised. Half of the proceeds went to my kingdom, or to the artisan's indicated kingdom, which in my case was Calontir, and the other half of the monies raised went to the SCA as a whole.

This collar raised $100. My Laurel pointed out that as a relatively unknown artist in the SCA, this is fantastic. (and for me, it's not far from what I would probably charge someone commissioning me to make something similar.) I was also told that the collar "was lifted up and the assembled crowd went 'ahhhhhhhhhhh'", and that, as an artisan, makes me feel awesome.

For those of you wondering about the materials I used: gold-plated brass links, Swarovski pearls, and Czech Druk beads, in addition to 4mm jumprings and permanently coloured copper wire.  Not seen is a chain on the back and the clasp, which is also gold-plated brass.  I'm fairly sure the construction isn't entirely period, but it does look very much like similar pieces seen in later period paintings.

So, thank you, mystery buyer, whoever you are! Not only for helping the SCA, but also for making me feel awesome.


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